Permanent Cosmetic Makeup


Advanced semi-permanent makeup technique that redefines and enhances the shape of the eyebrows in a natural and precise way. Through small strokes with a special pen, individual hairs are imitated, achieving a realistic effect that highlights the beauty and expression of the eyebrows. This process allows correcting asymmetries, filling in areas or simply creating a more defined design. At our clinic, we are dedicated to perfecting your look with artistic mastery and personalized attention, providing you with perfect and long-lasting eyebrows that perfectly match your unique style.
Discover the magic of Microblading!


Microblading is the latest trend in eyebrow enhancement. Also known as 3D eyebrows, this process is an emerging method for full eyebrow reconstruction by manually depositing pigment under the epidermal layer of the skin using a hand tool.

Unlike permanent makeup treatments such as tattoos, which can leave a dense, unnatural look, the microblading technique involves drawing sharp, individual strokes that mimic the appearance of real hairs. The microblading tool uses 10-12 microneedles, several times thinner than the needles used in tattooing. These extremely fine strokes blend with your existing hair, resulting in full, completely natural brows.

Once Microblading is fully cured, it requires very low maintenance. Unlike eyebrow extensions that require meticulous maintenance, the semi-permanent quality of microblading is hassle-free. You can rub your eyebrows, wash your face and even enjoy water sports. You can wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows!


Discover unparalleled intensity and expression with Eyeliner! You will be immersed in the fascinating world of eye definition, where beauty meets precision. Our team of professional artists specializes in the application of eyeliner, highlighting your eyes in a subtle or bold way, according to your individual preferences.

From fine, elegant lines to more dramatic looks, our Eyeliner service transforms your eyes in a unique and personalized way. We use advanced techniques to achieve a flawless and long-lasting application, highlighting the natural shape of your eyes with artistic precision.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle look for everyday wear or a more impactful touch for special occasions, we’re here to create the perfect eyeliner that highlights your natural beauty.

Trust us for an eyeliner that suits your style and personality.
Beautify your eyes and experiment with the unique expression that Eyeliner can bring to your eyes!


Discover the magic of perfect lips with our specialty in Lip Micropigmentation! We invite you to explore the art of lip beauty, where precision meets passion to create irresistible smiles.

Lip Micropigmentation is much more than a touch of color; it is a way to enhance the shape and definition of your lips with a natural and long-lasting result. Our talented team of professionals uses advanced techniques to apply pigments with precision, creating lips that are not only visually captivating, but also comfortable and practical.

From soft tones that enhance your natural color to bolder colors, we customize each session to reflect your unique style. Forget about constant lipstick touch-ups and welcome lips that look perfect every time.

Discover how Lip Micropigmentation has elevated the confidence of our clients. Whether you’re looking for a natural look for everyday wear or want to highlight your lips, we’re here to create a masterpiece that will make you feel radiant.

Trust us for lips that become your beauty signature. Beautify your smile with Lip Micropigmentation and experience the comfort and elegance that this unique technique can offer!

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A facial is not only a luxury for the skin, but also for the soul, as it helps to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and self-confidence.

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