Is it possible to remove acne scars?

Many patients who come to us believe that nothing can be done, but actually they CAN BE GREATLY IMPROVED. How do we do it? First it is important to be able to evaluate the type of acne scar you have, because depending on that, the treatment could vary. It is important for you to know that we specialize in both active acne as well as the scars that have been left behind. In addition, our professionals are certified. But before we get too deep into acne scars, let’s talk very quickly about active acne.

What is active acne? Is it possible to remove it?

It is when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. A plugged pore is the ideal place for bacteria to grow and to create red bumps and pus-filled pimple-like bumps. But it is very important to understand that acne is a bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) and that if it is not treated when it starts, it can spread and begin to evolve into higher grades of acne. Depending on the degree of acne, we have treatments that can range from medical grade facial cleansing, chemical peeling or laser with the aim of avoiding drug treatments as much as possible.

What are the different types or grades of acne?

  • Mild acne: whiteheads or blackheads, also called comedones, are visible. Up to 20 visible lesions or pimples is considered mild acne .
  • Moderate acne: you see inflamed red pimples (which medically, are called papules) and red pimples with a white center (which medically, are called pustules). Moderate acne is from 20-50 lesions.
  • Severe acne: Causes painful, pus-filled cysts or lumps (called nodules) under the skin. Over 50 lesions is considered severe acne.
    IMPORTANT: Acne must be controlled and treated before treating scars.
    To learn more about acne and the treatment we have to fight it, click here

Treatment application

What causes acne scars?

Most of the time, when an acne pimple begins to heal, reddish or brownish marks remain for a while. However, there are times when these spots do not go away on their own and some treatment is needed to help return the skin to its normal color. Also, if you touch your face a lot or pop your pimples, you may increase the risk of scarring.


  1. Scars with mild depression (pit)
  2. Scars with deep depression
  3. Scars with fibrosis (hard)


The treatment you need will depend on the type of scars you have. Therefore, the first step is always to schedule an evaluation appointment with our professionals in order to determine which option(s) are the best since we use different types of techniques for different types of scars. Depending on their depth, the number of sessions needed may vary from one person to another.

    Some of the techniques we use are microneedling, radiofrequency, microdermabrasion, MEP, carboxytherapy, fibroblast as well as others.

    IMPORTANT: When you come for an evaluation, we will perform a facial diagnosis with our 3D machine, which will allow us to know the condition of your skin in both superficial and deeper planes. When you come, bring the products you use for your skin care at home: your cleanser, toner, exfoliators, serums, creams, and sunscreen. This way we can tell you if what you are using is suitable for your skin type. In case any of your products are not suitable for your skin type, we can make product suggestions for you and teach you each step of how to correctly use them. Allowing you to get the best results for your treatment.


    The peace of mind of being attended by professionals

    A facial is not only a luxury for the skin, but also for the soul, as it helps to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and self-confidence.

    Our treatments

    icon_check_alt icon 3D Facial Assessment
    icon_check_alt icon Facial rejuvenation
    icon_check_alt icon Carboxytherapy
    icon_check_alt icon Microdermabrasion
    icon_check_alt icon Facial blemish treatment
    icon_check_alt icon Treatment for underarm stains – intimate zones
    icon_check_alt icon Lightening of dark circles under the eyes
    icon_check_alt icon Active Acne Treatment
    icon_check_alt icon Hydrafacial
    icon_check_alt icon Treatment for hair loss


    icon_check_alt icon Deep Facial Cleansing
    icon_check_alt icon Microneedling
    icon_check_alt icon Removal of Dead Cells
    icon_check_alt icon Dermaplaning
    icon_check_alt icon Botox, Fillers, Thread Tighteners
    icon_check_alt icon Biostimulators
    icon_check_alt icon Facial Lymphatic Drainage
    icon_check_alt icon Acne Scar Treatment
    icon_check_alt icon Reductive / Firming Facial
    icon_check_alt icon Treatment for bags under dark circles under the eyes


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