Teen Facial Cleansing

Why choose our Deep Facial Cleansing for Teens?

icon_check_alt icon Deeply Purifying: Our treatment is designed to effectively remove impurities (black, white comedones, pimples), excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause breakouts.

icon_check_alt icon Personalized Treatment: We know that each skin is unique. Our skin care professionals will evaluate your skin type and condition to customize treatment to your specific needs. We will do it with our team 3D Facial Diagnosis, This will allow us to know exactly where the impurities are, their quantity as well as if you have imbalances in oil production, dehydration, the quantity and depth of the spots and we will tell you the type of skin you have. Therefore, when you come for an evaluation, bring the products you are using for your facial care (cleanser, toners, serums, creams, scrubs, sunscreen), this way we can help you check that what you are using is according to your type. skin and detect if any of the products you use are causing imbalances in your skin. If you want to know more about our 3D facial diagnosis, haz click here

icon_check_alt icon Safe Medical Grade Quality Ingredients: We use high quality products with ingredients that will not irritate or damage the skin but, on the contrary, will help your skin achieve balance and enjoy permanent results.

icon_check_alt icon Professional advice: In addition to the treatment, we will advise you on skin care adapted to the age and lifestyle of each adolescent, we will teach you the correct steps for applying products at home, what to do and what not to do at home to help them maintain a healthy skin.

Benefits of Deep Facial Cleansing for Teenagers

  • Reduction of pimple or acne breakouts: By professionally deep cleaning your pores with us, we help you prevent and reduce the appearance of impurity breakouts and prevent them from turning into acne.
  • Clearer and Radiant Skin: We eliminate impurities so you can have clearer, smoother and more radiant skin.
  • Balancing Fat Production and Dehydration: We help balance fat production since this will ensure that you have fewer impurities (comedones or pimples). It is very common for certain areas to also feel dry skin, so we will help you not feel it that way, achieving a balance in both what you see on your skin and what you feel.
  • Improved Confidence: By providing a treatment that improves the health and appearance of the skin, we help our teens feel more confident in their own skin.

IMPORTANT: If you feel that you have a lot of pimples but are not sure if it is acne, we invite you to schedule an evaluation appointment with us at 669 305 9402. If you are a minor, come with an adult.

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General recommendations

To make your deep cleansing facial treatment more effective, follow these recommendations:

icon_check_alt icon If you want to maintain healthy, clean, luminous skin, avoid acne and for the creams you have to have a real effect (that really penetrate), we recommend having a professional facial cleansing with us once a month. Success lies in perseverance.

icon_check_alt icon For women, come to your evaluation and facial cleansing sessions without makeup.

icon_check_alt icon In the case of men, they must be clean-shaven. If you grow a beard, we will not be able to deep clean the bearded part.

icon_check_alt icon At the end of the facial cleansing session you cannot put on makeup until 5 hours later, this is because at the end of the session active ingredients are still penetrating and the makeup will stop this effect.

icon_check_alt icon Sunscreen should be applied daily. The effect of sunscreen lasts 2 hours, maximum 3 hours. Remember that artificial light, cell phones, and computers also have UV rays.

icon_check_alt iconDaily home cleaning or pimple exfoliation is a superficial cleansing, it does not replace a professional facial cleansing since when we do a professional facial cleansing, we act at deeper levels.

icon_check_alt icon Do not pick or pick at the pimples trying to remove them because if you do not know how to prepare the skin and do not do it properly, you can cause a much larger infection and even spread that infection. You should always think that the skin on your face is very delicate, it is a visible area and you do not want to do things to worsen your condition. When you come, we will teach you how you should handle these grains.

The peace of mind of being attended by professionals

A facial is not only a luxury for the skin, but also for the soul, as it helps to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and self-confidence.

Our treatments

icon_check_alt icon 3D Facial Evaluation
icon_check_alt icon Eyelashes
icon_check_alt icon Facial rejuvenation
icon_check_alt icon Deep facial cleansing
icon_check_alt icon Teenage Facial Cleansing
icon_check_alt icon Facial blemish treatment
icon_check_alt icon Lightening of dark circles
icon_check_alt icon Active Acne Treatment
icon_check_alt icon Hydrafacial
icon_check_alt icon Hair loss treatment

icon_check_alt icon Acne scars
icon_check_alt icon Microneedling
icon_check_alt icon professional make up
icon_check_alt icon Double chin treatment
icon_check_alt icon Botox, hyaluronic acid
icon_check_alt icon platelet rich plasma
icon_check_alt icon Facial Lymphatic Drainage
icon_check_alt icon Non-invasive facial rejuvenation
icon_check_alt icon Reductive / Firming Facial
icon_check_alt icon Treatment for dark circles under the eyes


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