Our innovative treatment attenuates red, purple or white stretch marks, with a comprehensive approach that encompasses thickness, depth, texture and color, we achieve amazing results, reducing stretch marks by up to 90%.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the breakage or structural alterations of collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen and Elastin which are the networks of firmness and elasticity of the skin and after that, the skin has had a poor healing of the skin due to excessive and abrupt stretching of the skin. These can go through an evolution of different colors from red, purple to white, they can be of different thickness, length and shapes. They can occur on any part of the body in both men and women. They are usually caused by growing age (puberty), pregnancy, excessive weight gain or loss, increased muscle growth, consumption of drugs that produce inflammation such as corticosteroids or others.

There are 3 types of stretch marks:

1.- Red Stretch Marks: They are this color because there is greater blood flow in the region, and as the stretch mark is a break in the skin, at the time it occurs, the body sends blood and defense structures to the area, in order to activate the healing of the skin.

2.- Purple Stretch Marks: They look like this when some time has passed since the stretch mark began, it is the next evolution of a red stretch mark, with the difference that at this stage the blood circulation is already being lost.

3.- White Stretch Marks: As time goes by, blood circulation decreases completely and the stretch marks become white, since there is no more blood supply.

When some stretch marks appear, they may itch because the body is trying to heal them.
The most common areas where stretch marks appear are the abdomen, hips, knee creases, back, buttocks and arms.

Our treatment is UNIQUE, you won’t find it anywhere else!

Our stretch mark treatment combines a variety of cutting-edge techniques, including laser, plasma technology, radiofrequency, MEP, skin polishing and collagen stimulation, among others, to stimulate a new, better quality scar. We act on all aspects of a stretch mark, i.e. on:
Depth: As we do the sessions they get shallower.
Thickness: Session by session, they look thinner.
Texture: We work with texture-enhancing techniques. By touching your skin you will notice the difference.
Color: The color will become more and more similar to the color of your skin without stretch marks.

Performed by professionals specialized in this treatment, with a multidimensional approach, we ensure an application for effective and safe results.

Unparalleled Benefits for All

One of the main advantages of our treatment is its versatility and accessibility. It can be applied to both men and women, regardless of age or age of the stretch marks. Whether recent onset or chronic, whatever the cause, we are ready to help you regain confidence in your skin.

Personalization and Integral Planning

We understand that each person is unique, so the first step is for us to evaluate you. This allows us to determine the number of sessions needed according to the quantity, quality and type of stretch marks, as well as to provide you with customized information to meet your specific needs.

Most people think that stretch marks have no solution, but they DO! At BalanceMedSpa, we offer you an effective solution to restore your skin. Book your evaluation at 669 305 9402

The peace of mind of being treated by professionals

“A body treatment with us goes beyond aesthetic improvement, each session you will have an experience of self-care and connection for your body and mind” You will soon realize that you made “The best investment of your life”!

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