Reductive and Firming Treatments

Reductive Treatments

Here at BalanceMedSpa we have several options of Reductive treatments depending on the type of fat you have, the amount and the area. We also have UNIQUE protocols that you will not find anywhere else, since every time we work on fat reduction, we also apply protocols to firm the skin and prevent skin from becoming flaccid as much as possible.

Our Reductive treatments are safe and risk-free. They can be applied to both women and men from 18 years of age and without age limit.

Our technology produces degradation, destruction and death of fat cells medically called “adipocytes” (like liposuction without surgery), therefore the results are long lasting. The number of sessions needed may vary from patient to patient, so it is very important that we can evaluate you.

Schedule your evaluation appointment at 669 305 9402.

IMPORTANT: There is no scientific study that supports that only the manual Reductive massage or wood therapy produce reduction, destruction or death of fat cells, therefore here at BalanceMedspa we do NOT do the Reductive massage or wood therapy as the only technique to reduce since neither the hand nor the wood therapy have the ability to degrade or kill fat. We only use manual massage or wood therapy as a complement and ALWAYS AFTER having applied some technology that has degraded or destroyed fat during that session, i.e. we use the massage to run or mobilize all the fat that we have already diluted so that it can be conducted and eliminated by the body. We clarify this point because we receive many patients who have “seen in other places options to reduce fat through reductive massage or wood therapy” effect that is not achieved through massage alone and that the vision of medicine and science is not correct or true.

Discover the difference of sculpting your body here at BalanceMeSpa where we are specialists in medical body treatments without risks or surgeries. Get ready to feel empowered and confident in your own body with a slimmer, more defined figure!

Firming Treatments

If you feel that any area of your body skin is loose or flaccid, here at BalanceMedSpa we have several treatment options, depending on the degree of flaccidity you may need 1 or a combination of more than 1 technology. The important thing to know is that all of our treatment options are safe and risk-free.

Our Firming treatments are carefully selected and applied by specialized professionals with the confidence that we will recommend the best treatment, with the objective of restoring firmness to your skin.

And if you also have cellulite, stretch marks, want a treatment to lift or shape your buttocks or want to lose weight, we also have treatment! Schedule your evaluation appointment at 669 305 9402.

The peace of mind of being treated by professionals

“A body treatment with us goes beyond aesthetic improvement, each session you will have an experience of self-care and connection for your body and mind” You will soon realize that you made “The best investment of your life”!

Our treatments

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