Deep facial cleansing consists of a specific cosmetic correction according to your needs. We deeply cleanse your face in order to detoxify, eliminate impurities, dead cells and in some cases superficial blemishes and spots. The session also includes the application of masks and active ingredients in serums and creams according to your skin type and needs. It is a treatment that we do not only do for women, but also for men too. It is a treatment that can be done for people of all ages, teenagers to the elderly and everything in between.


Therefore, it is essential to perform an assessment lasting approximately 15 minutes. We use one of the most advanced methods of dermatological evaluation today through a diagnostic machine with microscopic photography where we can establish the specific area that has dehydration, blemishes, wrinkles or accumulation of dead cells and thus be able to plan a more specific and effective treatment for each person.


After removing makeup and cleansing the face, impurities and dead cells are removed at superficial and deep level through exfoliation, which can be with exfoliating, chemical exfoliation or microdermabrasion, depending on the need. We then macerate (soften) the skin and prepare it for the extraction of impurities, blackheads (blackheads and whiteheads) at deeper levels and with the help of an ozone vaporizer.

The steamer is essential to open pores and oxygenate the skin. Ozone has high bactericidal and cell regeneration properties. After the removal of impurities, the pores are sealed through high frequency stimulation, preventing the appearance of new impurities the following day, also called “post breakout”. Then, depending on the need, a mask and specific products are applied according to your skin type (oily, combination, dehydrated, aged, etc.), which can be moisturizing, nourishing, de-congestive, firming, with collagen, elastin, anti-aging or specific properties according to the treatment plan.

In many occasions it is important to complement the deep facial cleansing treatment with additional services. This can be Hydrodermabrasion, tripolar radiofrequency (facial rejuvenation), Microdermabrasion. A relaxing facial massage and/or anti-lines massage, together with lymphatic drainage can also be added to this treatment plan. Finally, the specialist who performed the cleaning will give you aftercare advice, recommendations, educate you on how to perform daily cleansing at home, which products are the best for your needs or if you need any other specific treatments.


To make your deep cleansing facial treatment more effective, follow these recommendations:

  1. If you want to maintain healthy, clean, luminous skin, while slowing down the aging process and allowing the creams you use to really penetrate and have a real effect on your skin, you should have a professional facial cleansing once a month.
  2. For women, ideally you should come to the session without make-up on (if you come with make-up on we will remove it).
  3. For men, they must be clean-shaven. If you grow a beard, we will not be able to deep clean the bearded part.
  4. At the end of the facial cleansing session, make-up cannot be applied until 4 hours later. This is because at the end of the session the active ingredients are still penetrating and the make-up will cover this effect.
  5. Sunscreen should be applied daily. The effect of the sunscreen lasts 2 hours, maximum 3 hours. Remember that artificial light also has UV rays (in smaller quantities).
  6. The at home daily cleansing or pimple scrub is a superficial cleansing. It does not replace a professional facial cleansing because a professional cleansing will act at deeper levels.
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